Camille Norton, “The Lesbian Body, for Monique Wittig”

When you encounter her face, be still and wait.
She’ll lift her eyes to your eyes, replenishing
your horizon as a doe to the brook bends
to drink the wetness.

How many lovers have you, how many girls?
Do you take them one by one or all at once,
like fireflies thrashing in your hand, a burning
of wing-scars, tattoos?

She says: why should we marry as they marry?
Burn it at both ends, defiantly burn it
as you burn the law, as you burn words,
as you incinerate me.

The melting sex of her language poured across
my nipples, honey from the hive, her throat, her
tongue, slit, thigh burnishing her utmost pleasure,
her syllabic cry.

The sex of her and the second sex of her.
The asymmetry of her, the clime of her
difference. Her wiles, tricks, and metaphysics.
Her ruses, her charms


Camille Norton, “The Lesbian Body, for Monique Wittig”, in Women’s Studies Quarterly, fall-winter 2012, vol. 40, n°3/4, p. 282. URL :

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